C’est Jean Lemaistre, secrétaire général de France Gaz Renouvelables qui représentera notre association le 14 novembre à 10h à la session :

Gas in a Decarbonised Strategy
As part of the theme of gas and renewable gases in a carbon-free energy system, experts will here present on the sustainability conditions of biomethane production, with the aim of showing how it can be sustainable and thus be part of a decarbonized mix in the long run. This session includes the GHG assessment of biomethane, the conditions of social acceptance and the organic farming practices that can be adopted.


Il interviendra aux cotés de

  • Jihane Loudiyi, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer for GRDF
  • François-Xavier Letang, farmer and manager of a biomethane production unit
  • Arnaud Gauffier, spokeperson of WWF France and Head of Agriculture and Food Programmes*
  • A scientist and representative of ISTREA (French National Institute of Environmental and Agricultural Science and Technologies)
  • A representative of Climate Action Network – Europe

*to be confirmed 

Plus d’information : European Utility Week co-located with POWERGEN